Weight Loss Tips-what exercise you choose

Exercise is the number one most important weight loss tips to help you burn through a mountain of fat. Try these sensible exercise tips so you get in shape, lose weight and feel good about yourself again.

If you have time for regular exercise, select an activity that you enjoy. There are so many ways to exercise. You can walk, run, bike, dance, swim, rollerblade or join the local YMCA or health club.

The key is to stay active no matter what exercise you choose.

Listen to high energy workout music with a strong, steady beat. Research shows that phrases like “push it” and “you can do it” are subconscious motivators to keep your workout going strong.
Workout with a partner who is in as good a shape as you are.

Quick Weight Loss Tips

According to a Fitness Survey, 80 percent of people said they are more likely to exercise if they have a workout partner.
But if you don’t have time to get to the gym, use every opportunity throughout the day to move your body and expend calories.

Get in the habit of walking around your neighborhood or around your office complex after lunch to burn calories and boost metabolism.

When standing in line at the store, instead of getting impatient, use this opportunity to flex your muscles. Squeeze your abs and buttocks several times to keep the muscles toned. This is one of the easiest of the weight loss tips and effective as well!

Stand when talking on the phone or fidget in your seat at work to burn more calories each day.
Researchers at the Mayo Clinic call this type of energy expenditure “non exercise activity parthenogenesis” or N.E.A.T. and say that it’s just as important as formal exercise when it comes to weight loss.

When shopping, stop searching for the parking spot closest to the door. Park far away and walk the extra distance. All the additional walking will add up over time.

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10 Top Quick weight loss Tips For You

Quick Weight Loss Tips!
10 top weight loss tips for you –
Here on the quick weight loss tips page I give you some quick, simple and easy to implement tips about weight loss. It’s not about how to lose weight ‘quick’!.

One last thing: All the top weight loss tips you find here are healthy weight loss tips. Since it’s all about losing weight healthily on Weight Loss Tips Deluxe, this is what you get. It’s important for me that you know that.

Okay, let’s find out quick about the 10 best weight loss tips:

Quick weight loss tip # 1: Don´t lose more than 2 pounds per week

Quick Weight Loss Tips Scale
Number one of the 10 best weight loss tips is one of the most fundamental once I would say. To be exact, it’s not about losing weight, it’s about getting rid of unnecessary and unwanted FAT! So you have to treat your most important confederates right, your fat cells. That’s why make sure you give yourself and your fat cells time for your weight loss journey.

Because, you did not get fat overnight either! Most people got fat in a matter of years. So give your fat cells time to let loose of their fat again. They’re not up to give it away that easy and that’s why fast weight loss diets will rebound and end up in the well known yo-yo effect. Be aware of that!

It´s always better to lose your weight constantly and bit by bit. Over the weeks and month it’s gonna sum up to 8 to 9 pounds per month anyway! So, take your time and remember: “Rome wasn’t built in a day either!” About 2 pounds per week is just right for a constant and steady weight loss process. This is the healthy way to lose weight.

For further information go to healthy weight loss tips!

Of course, there are special occasions wherefore you might need to really lose weight quick. That’s fine, but don’t expect this to be always absolutely healthy or long-lasting.

Quick weight loss tip # 2: Drink plenty of pure, fresh water

Quick Weight Loss Tips Water
Number two of your top weight loss tips! The best medical proven rule here is to drink about 1 Liter (~1/4 gallon) of water per 25 Kilo (55 pounds) of body weight. This is about 3 medium size glasses.

For example, if you weigh 70 kilo (~154 pounds) you should drink about 2.5 – 3 liters (3/4 gallon) per day and if you weigh a 100 kilos (220 pounds) you drink about 4 liters (~1 gallon) of fresh and pure, non-carbonated water per day! The best trick here is to always have a glass or bottle of water by your side and when it’s empty, refill it.

For more information about drinking water to lose weight and why drinking water prevents headaches and many other diseases read this article which I wrote just for you. top weight loss tips

Quick weight loss tip # 3: Eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables

Quick Weight Loss Tips Fruits
This is also a very essential healthy weight loss tip. Fruits and vegetables are very important foods, but they become even more important during a weight loss period. Because they contain vitally ingredients such as vitamins, minerals and micronutrients which play an enormous role as enzymes for the fat burning metabolism in your fat and body cells.

So make it your habit to eat fruits and vegetables at least two times a day, the more often the better. You want to change your lifestyle, right? Start with your diet!

Quick weight loss tip # 4: Don’t be hungry or starving
Sounds weird? It’s not! When you are hungry it means that your body needs energy. He gets this energy either if you feed him or if he uses it’s own energy storages. If your body uses it’s own energy reservoirs he takes advantage of the carbohydrates first. In that case your body interrupts the fat burning metabolism which we don’t want, right?!

Quick Weight Loss Tips Protein Foods
So, it’s better to feed him instead, namely with appropriate foods, which – in the best case – do not effect your weight loss metabolism in a negative way. This means to eat a lot of protein rich foods or protein “only” foods since they do not increase your insulin level and so do not reduce your fat burning metabolism.

Of course you are allowed to eat carbs and fats. It all depends on your individual weight loss plan and weight loss goal. In any case, healthy weight loss starts with eating not with not eating!

You find more detailed information about your body’s energy reservoirs at healthy weight loss tips.

top weight loss tips

Quick weight loss tip # 5: Do various sportive activities and all kinds of different exercises

Quick Weight Loss Tips Exercises
Yes, number five of your 10 best weight loss tips is an interesting insider and even the more essential. The emphasis here lies on various and different. Being active during your weight loss journey is majorly important and quite necessary anyway. But being creative and doing different kinds of sports and workouts is the secret here.

I experienced myself that it is first of all a lot easier to lose weight by doing different sportive activities and second of all, it’s also way more fun. So, find your sports and exercises and then keep on the saying by the greek goddess of victory: “Just Do it” quick weight loss tips

Find your sport with exercises to lose weight and read also about why working out for weight loss is so majorly important.

In addition you’ll find some great training and fitness tips at Briody’s Fitness and Health Site – our trusted partner site – at Briody Health & Fitness Tips. Click the link to find out more about it!

Quick weight loss tip # 6: Get enough sleep

This is important especially during a weight loss process. With the right foods before bedtime you even burn quite some fat overnight. It’s possible to burn up to 100 grams (~3 ounces) of fat in one night! So, the longer you sleep the greater is your fat burning effect. Also, while you sleep your body uses the night to recover.

Quick Weight Loss Tips Sleep
While sleeping your body does not rest at all. The total opposite is the case. There are some major biochemical and physiological activities going on which are very essential to recharge your batteries and to stay healthy. These activities boost your weight loss process as well. So remember to get your sleep and try to have at least 7,5 hours of rest per night (at least on average over the week).

Quick weight loss tip # 7: Have at least 5 meals per day

Another really crucial one of the top weight loss tips here for you on the quick weight loss tips page. In many ways is this a good advice to follow. It’s scientifically proven that the human body handles fat and fat storage a lot better if he gets smaller meals or snacks more frequently rather than only two or three large ones over the day.

This phenomenon is pretty easy to explain: Our body is smart! If he figures he gets energy and what he needs frequently there is no need for him to store a lot of it for so called ‘bad times’. But if he knows he only gets something once in a while – so maybe only 2 or 3 times per day – he is more likely going to store some fatty acids and carbs as energy for later.

Quick Weight Loss Tips Snack
This is a great in-between snack right here! It’s better for your body and for your weight and fat loss career to eat more often over the day and the right foods. This way you keep the fat loss process rollin’! As an additional advantage you can train your stomach – “train your dragon” – to get used to less food in one meal.

After a while he begins to shrink naturally. And this is exactly what we want as well. For a lot of ‘weight losers’ this point is very substantial for long lasting weight loss and a life changing attitude in the end.

The right diet for you is right here.

Learn more about how to “train your dragon! (coming soon)

Quick weight loss tip # 8: Reduce your sugar and sweets intake

Quick Weight Loss Tips Sweets
During your weight loss period you have to decrease your sugar intake bit by bit or entirely right from the beginning if you can. With sugar I mean in deed sugar and all it’s related sweets and junk foods.

Since the sugar increases your blood insulin level every time you eat it, you have to stay away from it mostly. I told you already that the insulin in your blood stream does not allow you to burn fat and lose weight efficiently.

Especially sweets and bad short-chained carbs before bedtime are a no-go. Please do understand something general here: All the quick weight loss tips I give you here and all the other top weight loss tips I talk about on Weight Loss Tips Deluxe are fundamental, basic tips to keep on to live a healthy lifestyle or to lose weight healthily.

Of course you are allowed to cheat, eat sweets, drink a coke or have some chips at night while watching a movie and to have your chisel days after all. I mean, I have them too! Everybody does.

Quick weight loss tip # 9: Eat plenty of fish and seafood

Quick Weight Loss Tips Seafood

Number nine of the quick weight loss tips is a premium one again. Well, first of all most fish and seafood are rich on eminent nutrients like for example omega-3 fatty acids, liposoluble vitamins E, D and A, the whole family of the vitamin B-complex plus the very relevant micronutrients iodine and selenium. Secondly, fish and seafood contain a lot of high grade protein. Protein always plays an essential role during a weight loss process as you know by now already.

This is because it does not increase your blood sugar level and another very important fact is, protein can not be stored as fat from your body. So have fish and seafood as much as you like! Garnished with stewed vegetables they make a superb meal!

Find out more about nice meals and how to prepare great dishes right here. (coming soon)

Quick weight loss tip # 10: Don’t abandon anything

Quick Weight Loss Tips Ice Cream
Following a weight loss diet doesn’t mean at all that you have to pass on anything! You are allowed to eat and drink literally everything you want, even candy and ice cream! The trick is to have certain foods only at certain times and only certain amounts of it.

Meaning, that at the beginning of your healthy diet transformation plan your cheating days around the weekends and keep your discipline during the week. After a while you don’t need those tight cheating times anymore because it becomes second nature to you and you know when it is appropriate to cheat a little now and then.

The more healthy food you eat, the less junk food you need!
To get to your next 10 quick weight loss tips click “continue” at the bottom of the page. There I will tell you even more useful insider tips for your successful weight loss career. These quick weight loss tips are especially important for long-term weight loss plans!

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