Extreme Weight Loss Tips For Women

extreme weight loss tips

We are currently living in a fast paced world where overweight has been added to the illness chart list. It is stated that the overweight population tends to increase each day. This is happening because of the increase in depression cases over the few years. Ross CE the author of Overweight and depression states that overweight and depression are interlinked with each other. Overweight cause’s depression and depression can cause overweight. On the other hand, weight loss is certainly one ways to help you have a happy life. The aim of this article is to help you as readers with some extreme weight loss tips.

Extreme Weight Loss Tips: The beginning to extreme weight loss starts with watching your diet. The most important thing is to consult a dietician to get your diet chart. By following a prescribed diet chart, you will be confident about not making any mistakes. Many people prefer to follow the advices or they work according to their own wisdom. This can mislead us and perhaps cause more health complications.

The second Extreme Weight Loss Tips is to eat food in one or two hour intervals. You should not skip food altogether. It is a myth when some people totally stop eating. This only affects our body regulation and, therefore, can cause more obesity. You can eat fruit and vegetables and drink fresh fruit juices made of lime, sweet lime, watermelon etc.

The third Extreme Weight Loss Tips is to exercise. It is stated that exercise is one of the best options when it comes to getting long term results. It is said that cycling and swimming are the two sports that burn calories faster, therefore, resulting in rapid weight loss.

The fourth Extreme Weight Loss Tips will be to do some kind of meditation. It is stated that the breathing exercise or diaphragmatic breathing also helps in motivation and builds confidence to lose weight. The inhalation and exhalation causes psychological effect of inhaling the positive energy and exhaling the negative energy. This exercise may motivate you to lose weight.

Consuming Water: It is stated that water works as the best agent in weight loss. In the summer, it is natural for you to consume soft drinks. Instead of fizzy soft drinks if you consume two liters of water daily this can guarantee weight loss. Water consumed on a daily basis also helps in keeping you fit and healthy. It avoids dehydration and at the same time regenerates energy within you.

Motivate Yourself: You need to perform a self awareness exercise which will build motivation and self-confidence. As stated in the earlier paragraph about tips, the breathing exercise works effectively. In following this exercise, you need to do a visual meditation. Visual meditation will be accompanied by music. Visualize your favorite place of meditation, for example, waterfalls, beach, garden, forest etc. During this meditation, you make a decision on sticking to your weight loss regime. Motivate yourself daily through visual meditation. Visual meditation is a therapy that can help you to remove any negative feelings about your weight. The visual meditation can be done for 5-10 minutes.

In conclusion, you have been given some extreme weight loss tips. The hope is that you are encouraged to follow these tips and get the desired outcome.

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