Home Remedies For Acidity

Home Remedies For Acidity

Today I am going to disclose the best Home Remedies For Acidity. Now a days many peoples are getting attacked by Acidity whether its a teenagers or adults and lots of medicines also available for this in market, but now a days also many of the people prefer Home Remedies For Acidity rather than medicines. In this article I have extracted the best Home Remedies For Acidity in a very good way. So before going directly to it we’ll have a look at its some basic vital terms.

Home Remedies For Acidity

Home Remedies For Acidity


The food requires to be digested correctly, the stomach usually emits acid which is important in the digestion method. In the midst of Digestion, the acid assists in parting down food. Sometimes during the extreme formation of acid in stomach, it after effect in the situation called Acidity.


A proneness of the faucet in middle of the stomach and food passage or pipe can  effect a flowing back of acid arising out of the stomach to inferior portion of Oesophagus.
Oesophagus – It is the portion of the digestive canal among the pharynx and stomach.
And this flowing back of acid can result in acidity. Consistently ample of meals either intra-abdominal physical force/burden aforesaid as although stretching of weight lifting can result in this flowing back of acid or can simply say reflux.

Some type of breach down in the protection mechanisms which safeguards the stomach and intestine in distinction to affliction by acid can effect acidity. Consuming of alcohol, very spicy foods, random food tendency can also lead to acidity.


The important vital symptoms of acidity are Dyspesia and Heart Burn.


One can simply prevent or anticipate Acidity through abstaining the apprehend causing determinants like consumption of alcohol, very spicy foods, drugs etc. By eating foods regular and a healthy diet can anticipate Acidity. Peoples along with a greater anxious and distressed jobs should adopt a change or adjustment in their style of living and decrease the stress.


1) Just afterwards having foods, get a part of clove and absorb on it calmly. Here it neither alone accord immediate relaxation although additionally assist in lowering the attack of affliction proceeding gone of acidity.


2) One more pleasant cure is the use of Jaggery afterwards the meals. Just take around approx 10 grams of Jaggery afterwards the meals and it assist in removing acidity additionally amends digestion.


3) Tea spoon if Indian Gooseberry also called Amla crumb thinned in water is also adequate.

Indian Gooseberry

4) A person suffering from Acidity should avoid the so much coffee and tea, onions, garlic and overdone smoking.

5) Consumption of good quantity of water can assist in curing acidity and improve digestion.

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