Twenty Best Weight Loss Motivation Tips

Here are twenty great weight loss motivation tips to help you along with your diet and fitnessgoals. There are thousands of weight loss programs out there which will work for you and everyone else that wants to lose weight. Why is it then that so few people succeed in reaching their target weight, or worse, reach their goal and then put the weight right back on again?Weight Loss Motivation It’s not a case of having to pick the right diet and fitness plan to be successful (although some are better than others). And yet people go from one program to another hoping that this time they have found the magic formula to Weight Loss Motivation In weight loss, as in reaching many goals, the key is motivation. Those who are most motivated are those who succeed. And you need to keep your level of motivation high not just at the beginning of your weight loss program, when you have decided to loseweight but also throughout the program. You need motivation to help you stick to your diet and fitness routine and you need more motivation afterwards to help you keep your superb new shape.Weight Loss Motivation Weight Loss Motivation Tip 1. Weight loss motivation is all about desire rather than willpower. How much do you want to lose weight? How much more do you want to lose weightthan you want to eat fattening food and lay on the sofa watching TV all day? List all yourreasons for wanting to lose weight, or stay healthy and slim. Add more reasons to your list as you think of them. Make reading your list the first thing you do in the morning. If you need more ideas, see our report with reasons to lose weight. Weight Loss Motivation Tip 2. Sustain motivation by making getting to your target weightbelievable. Visualize success. How will you look when you lose weight? How will you feel? What will you be wearing? How will your clothes feel on you? What will people be saying to you? What will you be saying? What will you be doing? Spend 5 minutes a day imagining and enjoying your future success. A great way to while away the time waiting in a line or commuting, not so great for driving though!
Weight Loss Motivation Tip 3. If you have a lot of weight to lose it can be hard to sustain your focus. If that is the case, plan some activities throughout the year that you would like to be slim for, for example Valentine’s Day, your birthday, a weekend away, your annual vacation, Thanksgiving etc. – your Weight lossmotivation dates! Plot out your goal weight for each event with a sensible rate of weight loss (max 1-2lbs per week) and use each mile-stone as a major target in itself. Use the same strategy forweight maintenance by ensuring that you stay the same weight for each special date in your calendar. Weight Loss Motivation Tip 4. Boost your weight loss motivation by promising yourself a treat when you reach your goals. Build in some non-food rewards for every little step you take as well as for major milestones. How about a beauty treatment for each 4lbs lost? Or buy a book by your favorite author and allow yourself time to read in peace (and without guilt) each time you do your full workout. And each time you make a healthy choice rather than an available unhealthy choice (walking instead of taking the car, fresh fruit instead of ice-cream) pat yourself on the back. Tell yourself that you’re doing great, because you are! Weight Loss Motivation Tip 5. Take a picture of yourself in your swimsuit or leotard at the start of your program. Each month take another picture wearing the same thing. Feel your weightloss motivation sore as the swimsuit gets baggy while you shrink. A Digital camera is great for taking those pictures you don’t want to take to the developers! Share This Article Diet and Exercise Tips That are Best for Weight Loss