Weight loss diet plan for Indian women

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Today We Talk About Weight loss diet plan for indian women because,Indian women start looking bulkier after marriage. Studies show that weight gain until two years of marriage increases up to 20 pounds.Marriage involves celebration. The list of dinners and lunches never ends and woman doesn’t realize how many pounds they are gaining in that process. The main reason women put on weight post marriage is pregnancy. In this most important phase of a woman’s life people around them and they themself start taking extra care of them. They become less active and overeat during this period eating less healthy food worsens the problem. Post pregnancy, the child become the centre of attraction and they are not able to watch their weight as they do not get any spare time for them. A woman’s responsibilities multiply after marriage as priorities changes which results in weight gain. They spend a lot of time in cooking and feeding the family. Indian mothers end up finishing the leftover food, leaving aside their taste such that the food doesn’t go waste. Being overweight can make any person feel drastically low but it’s something that can be changed. Losing weight is challenging but if done gradually and in the right way it can be achieved. There are plenty of tricks in the trade to lose weight and there are innumerable pills available in the market now days but gradual weight loss is better than rapid weight loss. Losing weight is a challenge. It requires the right approach and plenty of patience. It’s unreal and unhealthy to lose weight in few weeks. Committing to a healthy diet is the best way to care yourself. If you stick with your weight lose diet plan, your weight will eventually drop. Before you follow any diet plan you must check with your doctor for any underlying medical conditions resulting in weight gain. Firstly, maintain a diary from the time you start your diet plan. Note down your 24 hours diet intake for a period of 3-4 days. Thoroughly go through the intake, anything you think is adding to calories, just cut that. So that diet doesn’t become bored you can also pen down your experiences or emotions while eating a particular food. You may crave for your favourite dish or hog on additional calories but you need to control your emotions. Cut down on sweet beverages like soft drinks, sherbets as they are unnecessary calories. avoid sweet tea, coffees and flavoured milks. Drink plain water, low fat milk and sugar free drinks instead. Physical activity is very necessary. An hour is ideal to get the most out of the work out and see significant results. it includes warm up, cardio or strength  training exercise, cooling down and stretch. Eat 5-6 mini meals day to boost the metabolism and lose weight. Morning: A glass of water when you wake up. Breakfast: fruit of your choice/boiled egg (without the yolk). Midmorning: Fruit of your choice (avoid banana and mango). Lunch: 1-2 chapattis with raw/steamed/cooked vegetables and salads. Dinner: One chapatti with Fish/chicken dry or cooked in a simple tomato-based curry(no thick gravies. cook in olive oil) and salad. Most importantly, drink a glass of water between every meal. You need to be careful about eating from ‘here and there’.

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